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“I was afraid that sending my computer in for repair would delete a lot of my documents. But that did not happen thanks to the care that LenovoTech® has taken with data recovery.”

“I am satisfied with the result of the repair. None of my files were deleted. The data recovery service of this company is impeccable.”

“I sent my laptop to LenovoTech® technicians and they fixed it in no time. In addition, the data that was on the computer was treated with the utmost care. None was lost!

It’s very clear. Your Lenovo device needs urgent service. But there is something that worries you. You are not the only one. We have all worried about this detail at some point: the protection of our data.

And it has happened that, after taking the equipment for review, important information is accidentally deleted from our PC. We understand the chaos of the situation and the problem that this can generate for you.

But at LenovoTech® we always put ourselves in the shoes of our customers. Therefore, we take care of every detail in the computer repair process. Thus, your work tool will be back with you in no time. But best of all, none of the data on it will be erased. In case it has happened in the middle of a repair that your equipment has previously gone through, we take care of recovering them.

How to recover lost data on Windows

Have you lost important files on your Windows laptop? Don’t worry. The good news is that recovering them is possible.

The first way to recover lost data on Windows may seem very obvious, but it should not be left out. It’s about looking in the recycle bin. Maybe you have accidentally deleted them and just need to click «recover files».

The second thing would be to check all the saving services available or in which you have registered, that is, OneDrive, Dropbox, among others. Also check if you have your information saved on hard drives or USB.

The third way is to check your Windows backups. This process is something that Windows does automatically. The same system saves copies of the folders you have on your computer in case you have to restore the PC from a specific date. If this action is necessary, you have to go to the control panel – system and maintenance – backup and, finally, restore. Then, you only have to click on «restore my files» and continue with what is indicated.

The last option is to recover previous versions of a file or a folder, whatever you need. How? Open the file explorer, go to the folder where the files you lost were located, right click on the folder icon and select the option «restore previous versions». What will be presented is a window in which there will be different versions of that file. Click on the one you want to obtain and click on restore.

Use specialized programs to recover data

Another way to recover Lenovo data, in this case, is by using various specific programs for it.

Recuva is an application that usually works very well for most of these cases. Download and install it on your PC. Once done, select the drive where you want to locate the lost file and press «scan».

A few seconds later, files under the name «rare» will begin to appear. A few seconds later, files under the name «rare» will begin to appear. All the files will be presented in green if it is possible to recover them, orange if they are damaged or red if they are definitely not worth recovering because their bits no longer appear.

A second option is another program called Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery. This works the same way as Recuva. Even so, the most important thing is that the data does not become unrecoverable, so if no Lenovo data recovery software works for you, it is best to transfer your computer to a Lenovo technical service team in Madrid.

We have all the tools to recover data safely

Software for all devices

We have a family of data recovery software adapted to the needs of each team, from those that have the most basic information to those that host more complex data.

The best data recovery room

We offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and a fully equipped room to open broken devices and ensure full document recovery.

Professionals with years of experience

Our staff is highly trained to rescue data safely, be it: files, photos, videos, images, documents, databases, among others.

You can have your Lenovo equipment repaired the same day. Also, if your data was accidentally deleted, we recover it with a total guarantee of confidentiality. Our work team has the specialty of giving the best technical support to many of our clients.

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As a company, we have the mission of providing the best computer support for branded laptops to all our commercial, private and student clients in Madrid and Spain. 

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We have the best professional specialists in repairing laptops and desktop PCs, so we deliver optimally and safely to our customers.


Our original parts placed by our experts will help you to have a better developed machine for your work and moments of entertainment.

Has your device broken down and you urgently need computer support?

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If your Lenovo laptop has a problem, needs maintenance, or accidentally breaks, don’t worry. You can rely on our experts to solve any equipment issue.

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