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  • Address: C. de Joaquín María López, 28, 28015 Madrid, España.
  • Telephone: 918 29 06 56
Lenovo computer repair 100% effective and safe

Surely it is not the first time that you have to send an electronic device to be fixed. But maybe it is the first time something as worrying as your computer has gotten wet, broken or simply won’t turn on. As much as you want to do something on your own, it is impossible for you, since you could not achieve it without knowledge in the computer area. The good news is that you are not alone. professional technicians such as LenovoTech®has, will always be at your disposal to help you, whatever the difficulty of the situation. In our particular case we focus on the Lenovo computer repair; so, if it is the brand you use, rest assured that we will be able to review it and deliver it to you working like the first time you had it in your hands.

What our clients say about us
Lenovo computer repair on Madrid

Andrea Pozuelo
2 weeks ago

I have had problems with the screen of my Lenovo, because it did not turn on, it did not respond. I have taken it to this store and after 2 hours they already had the diagnosis made. Problem solved. Good attention, and fast management. I would repeat 100% sure. Thank you!

Fabricio Gonzalez
2 weeks ago

They fixed my laptop. They made it perfect at time. They were very transparent and friendly from start to finish. It was the service I was looking for. Highly recommended.

Miguel Travesí Latorre
3 months ago

After looking for a charger for the Lenovo V11-api15 in 2 different stores, and not finding it, I was able to get a replacement in this store. Very good service and everything correct.

Marissa F. López
4 months ago

Yesterday I took my PC (which is a bit old) to fix it and they gave me a quick solution. In one day I had the computer repaired. Customer service and professionalism is excellent. All the explanations have been clear and the price has not seemed expensive to me. I totally recommend them.

Noelia Núñez Ayuso
4 months ago

Good service and fast diagnosis with very good delivery times. They have changed the screen of my laptop that is now working perfectly.

Luna Suárez
5 months ago

I took my laptop because it was very slow. The same day they gave me the diagnosis with the budget, I accept it and the next day I had it ready to pick up. They work fast and very well.

LenovoTech®-Lenovo repair experts

How to get to LenovoTech®

Our laboratory is located in Madrid, calle Joaquín María López, 28, very close to Plaza de España, at 8 minutes and only 3 stops from Metro Islas Filipinas.

We are also close to: Universidad CEU San Pablo, Universidad Complutense de MadridUniversidad Autónoma de Madrid,  Universidad Pontificia ComillasSaint Louis University – Madrid Campus. In addition, we are close to the school La Salle Sagrado Corazón ,  Colegio Decroly, Asunción Rincón y el Colegio Jesús Maestro.

Other points of reference where you can locate our premises, responsible for carrying out all kinds of repairs: the Templo de Debod y el Parque del Oeste,
We are also very close to the following bus lines: Cristo ReyHospital Universitario La Paz, Circular 1, Marques de Viana, Pitis, Línea 2 y Línea 12. Stops of the Metro Islas FilipinasMoncloa y Canal.


We are located in Madrid, at Calle Joaquín María López, 28. But it is easier for you to see it on the map:

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Where can you repair a Lenovo laptop, with warranty, in Spain? ➡️

Check if your equipment warranty is still valid or active. If so, you can contact thetechnical support of the Lenovo brand in Spain through its website, by clicking here.

You can also communicate directly through the following telephone number: 917 91 17 99

We do all kinds of

desktop and laptop repairs

It does not matter what is the problem that afflicts you today. Our trained staff will help you solve it. You have nothing to worry about.

What you can do to take care of a laptop battery, if you do not require our service for it ➡️

All the pieces that make up a laptop are of the utmost importance. Even the slightest must be given due attention so that the equipment works properly. But if there is a common doubt among users of this brand, it is how to take care of the battery.

In that sense, the main and probably most logical answer is not to misuse the entire device itself, that is, try to keep it in a space where it does not receive excess heat or cold or prevent the laptop from falling into the I usually. But there are other actions you can take for it.

This is recommended:

1- Do not load the equipment when you just bought it.

2- And after it has constant use, you should also charge it when it is at 20%.

3 – Charge the device at night or when it is turned off. Body

4- To take care of the battery of a Lenovo laptop there is something you should never do: do not leave the computer completely discharged when turning it off.

5- Calibrating the battery is the best thing you can do.

6- Do not let the equipment overheat to take care of its pieces.

Remember that it is likely that, over the years, this and other parts of your device will need to be changed. To do this, you have our company LenovoTech®. We have a highly trained staff to resolve any conflict that exists with your brand computer. Shall we talk?

Do you have any questions about purchasing any of our services? Can’t move your equipment and want to know how you can get us to look for it and take it for you? We can answer all the questions you have about what we offer you in less than 24 hours! You just have to describe the conflict to us through a phone call to  918 29 06 56 or by going directly to the Chamberí store, on the Calle Joaquín María López, 28 Local 28015, from 9:30 to 18.00 hrs. 💻